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Production of objects in top quality vegetable tanned leather

Leather bracelets with names, key rings, bookmarks, mouse pads,

purses, money clips, cigarette cases, tobacco holders, lighter holders.

Leather belts; agendas, address books and special books bound or in covers.

All objects can be customized with hand engravings.



Products in evidence

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Diary 13 x 9 cm

EUR 11,00 EUR 6,00

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Small purse sewn

EUR 8,50

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Diary 13 x 9 cm with stripes

EUR 13,50 EUR 7,50

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Pocket diary 10.5 x 7 cm

EUR 8,50 EUR 5,00

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"Briefcase" purse

EUR 80,00

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Pocket diary 9 x 6 cm

EUR 7,00 EUR 4,00

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Leather cover 130

EUR 15,50

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"3bis" keyring

EUR 5,00

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"Clany" keyring

EUR 3,50